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March 4th 2017 • The Caves • Edinburgh

World renowned speakers who will help you grow as a creator.

Ashley Baxter is speaking at Meat Conference

1.Ashley Baxter

Insurance by Jack / Photographer

Currently building Insurance by Jack, business insurance on a first name basis. Likes video games, photography, and her dog, Indie.

Mr Bingo is speaking at Meat Conference

2.Mr Bingo

Illustrator / Rapper

Ran one of the most successful Kickstarters for a book...ever.

The Meat speaker annoucing soon

3.Announcing Soon

We'll be announcing this speaker soon.

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Jeff Sheldon is speaking at Meat Conference

4.Jeff Sheldon


Designer and Founder of Ugmonk.

Gavin Strange is speaking at Meat Conference

5.Justin Maller

Illustrator / Art Director

Recently completed a 365 day challenge producing a piece of art daily for his year long Facets project.

What is The Meat Conference?

Let’s face it, at some point in our creative lives we all feel uninspired or go through stages of not knowing what to do. It’s cool, it happens to us all and as creatives ourselves we know what that feels like.

By attending The Meat you’ll be inspired, gain clarity and leave with a new found enthusiasm for life. You’ll be surrounded by the best and brightest in our industry which you’ll have one on one direct time with. You'll hear stories that have never been spoken before from people who have walked the road before you. This is the inside track on hardships, struggles, adventures, dreams and successes.

What do you get when you come to The Meat Conference?

Meet so many new friends at The Meat

make new friends

Refresh and recharge those batteries at The Meat

recharge & refresh

A spring in your steps for the next few weeks after The Meat

a creative power up
(that would leave Bowser himself shaking in his shell)

Your Ticket Creates for Prosperity for others

Your ticket helps others

For every 10 tickets sold we give 1 away to someone who really needs it.

If you are or know someone who's life would be impacted by coming to The Meat then please apply here.


10:00 am

Register & Connect

10:30 am

Kick Off

10:45 am

Session 1

12:05 pm

Session 2

13:05 pm


14:15 pm

Session 3

15:20 pm

Session 4

16:40 pm

Session 5

19:30 pm


The conference is capped at 150 attendees and only happens once a year, so don’t miss your chance to join our community of like minded people and gain new friends that will last a lifetime.

Past attendees having fun at The Meat
Past attendees having fun at The Meat

Some serious good times!

Sophie Taylor

Sophie Taylor


I felt so good after! I knew these were people really worth listening to; so much of what they were saying felt like it was aimed at me personally and hearing their journeys assured me that I absolutely can make my dreams happen and make a career out of something I love... and still love it!

Ian McDonald

Iain MacDonald


After attending the conference, I felt very inspired, and got great ideas for making grander things in design and development.

The Meat was definitely a very good conference if you need a rush of inspiration and meeting good creatives.

Jahncie Hepburn

Jahncie Hepburn


Before the first Meat conference I was stuck in a rut creatively and lacking motivation for my side projects. I attended just looking for some inspiration from the speakers at the event, which they delivered in droves!

What I was not expecting was how many like minded people I would meet and get to know on the day, the atmosphere was so welcoming and exciting. Having so many amazing creatives so close to home really inspired me and I can’t wait for this year’s event!

“It was, by far, one of my favourite conferences to speak at and be part of” Naomi Atkinson

The Caves

8-12 Niddry Street South

A beautiful 18th Century
Whiskey Vault

The Meat Conference will be hosted at The Caves down in Edinburgh

Who's this for?

Anyone with ambition, passion, and the drive to become a better creative. If you are serious about growing as a creator and want practical advice from industry experts whilst meeting a whole bunch of awesome new friends then this is definitely for you.


£ 69.00

*valid ID required


£ 99.00

*Regular Price £169.00

Payment Plan

£ 39.00

*3 payments of £39.00, totaling £117. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 2 months.

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